Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday Random Ten #9

Here are the first ten songs to pop up on my iPod; Artist/Song/Album:

1. Franco et l'OK Jazz/Mibeko Ya Mama/Munsi Kwamy
2. David Bowie/Friday on My Mind/Pin-Ups
3. The Johnson Mountain Boys/Working on a Building/Roots Music - an American Journey
4. Jackson Browne/Redneck Friend/The Very Best of Jackson Browne
5. Wingy Manone & his Orchestra/Isle of Capri/The 1930's - Small Combos
6. Falco/Rock Me Amadeus/Falco
7. Bo Diddley/Mumblin' Guitar/Bo Diddley: The Chess Box
8. Fearless/Taylor Swift/Fearless
9. Golden Smog/Radio King/Down by the Old Mainstream
10. The Fall/Couldn't Get Ahead/458489 A Sides

Franco was the man; one of the true giants of African music. Guitar doesn't get any better than this. Robert Christgau talks him up here. Video from 1980 here.

That's from Bowie's covers album, of course. The original was from Sydney's own Easybeats.

The Johnson Mountain Boys were a bluegrass band from the DC area; this one's from 1987.

Great fretboard work from one of my 15 favorite guitarists, David Lindley, on Mr. Browne's hit.

Wingy Manone lived from 1900 to 1982. That song was from 1937.

The Falco track might count as a guilty pleasure except that I Am Not Ashamed. Goofy novelty hits are the spice of life.

Golden Smog is not to be confused with Bill Callahan's band Smog; remind me to do a post on that. The latter band was an ever-shifting conglomeration of players from various alt-rock/alt-country bands.

It's been said of the Fall that not only do you either love them or you hate them, you should be able to figure out which one it is within the first 60 seconds or so. I loooove them.

And I love you, too. Now go shuffle your own iPods.

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