Friday, May 6, 2011

JGRTWT: A Teacher's Letter to the Secretary of Education

This smackdown of Arne Duncan and his policies by a career teacher is so good, and so full of useful links, that I'm keeping a link to it right here so I can always find it. And for the rest of you, JGRTWT.

UPDATE: Here's some more edu-surfing for you this morning...

Joy Resmovits runs down other teacher reactions to this condescension.

Valerie Strauss reads Arne Duncan's mind for you.

Jeff Bryant explains how the right has their way with education "reformers."

Matt Meyer puts the smackdown on Mayor Bloombeg's ed policies.

H. Richard Milner tackles the emphasis on "achievement" gaps.

(h/t to funkygal for putting me on this in the first place.)

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