Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday Random Ten #7

Here are the first ten songs to pop up on my iPod; Artist/Song/Album:

1.   Al Green/How Can You Mend a Broken Heart/More Greatest Hits
2.   Frank Black/Southbound Bevy/Black Letter Days
3.   Charlotte Gainsbourg/IRM/IRM
4.   Trouble Funk/Hey Fellas/The Sugar Hill Records Story
5.   Bole 2 Harlem/Minnale/Bole 2 Harlem, Vol. #1
6.   Meade Lux Lewis/Hangover Boogie/Cat House Piano
7.   Robbie Fulks/Cigarette State/Revenge
8.   Talking Heads/Cities/Fear of Music
9.   Charles Brown/Bringing in a Brand New Year/Cool Christmas Blues
10. Bob Dylan/Talkin' Hava Negillah Blues/For Sale or Just on the Shelf

Reverend Al, what can you say? Pure silk.

Frank Black, we've talked about. This one shows his sweeter side; nowadays he's Black Francis again, crooning a bit less.

Charlotte does not sound like her daddy's music. Her excellent IRM album was co-written with and produced by Beck. The title is French for MRI.

Bole 2 Harlem are an Ethiopian/American collective, based in NYC and soaking up all the sounds percolating through the metropolis. You want some of this.

Not only did Sugar Hill Records midwife the birth of recorded rap, it helped give us go-go, a funk subgenre that never really caught on like it shoulda. Trouble Funk were the kings. Damn, they're tight.

Click here and Robbie sez: "Hi, I'm Robbie Fulks and this is my website. I play and write music, mostly country of one stripe or another. I think you knew that if you came here, but if you're unfamiliar, click below to hear and see examples of my style. Otherwise click around as you please and let the magic that is me enfeeble your defenses." Hey, Robbie, come play Tucson!

That Dylan bootleg was recorded in 1962. Gotta go!

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