Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger Ate My Homework

Seriously, I have been trying to keep up with my duties here. I posted a book review Wednesday afternoon from my workplace. Then I came home and made a few edits to the Tune-Yards piece (sorry, I can't spell it tHaT wAy every time). Yesterday morning I posted a re-run from 1999 about a dubious Clinton scandal.

And then I started writing a long, linky post pegged to a UN report about food waste. It was really good, too. But every time I hit "save," Blogger said there was an "error" saving my work. So just before I hit "publish," I copied it into a Word file and saved it....

Good thing, too because Blogger was then  "unavailable" for almost 24 hours. And the funny thing is, whenever I checked to see if they were back, the site looked the same, and the readership stats kept updating, too. But when I checked in this morning, my blog had travelled back in time to Wednesday morning.

Not only were the Clinton rant and the book review gone, but so were the minor edits I'd made to the Tune-Yards review. And that's the way it stayed when Blogger finally returned from the ninth dimension a few minutes ago.

I'm baby-stting a bunch of sixth graders today, but when I get home I'll resurrect the linky food waste piece and that old Clinton essay (which I had pegged to current news with a few handy links). Looks like I'll have to rewrite the book review from scratch; Google doesn't even have a cache of it. But I know it was there; it shows up in the search - some of you may even have read it.

I guess it could have been worse, but apparently you can't even trust Google's server plantations anymore. I'll have to save copies of my blog from time to time on my own hard drive. Too bad I can't access my email at work, or I'd send this home for safekeeping in case they delete this one, too.

UPDATE: Okay, now they're back. Bridge, what in blazes is going on up there?

UPUPDATE: Now that I've edited them to remove the ungodly portmanteau of a mega-tag that Blogger created, it treats them as new posts, and moves them up to the top of the page. What. Ever.

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