Saturday, February 19, 2011

Transaction Denied

You know, it's a bit ironic.

There probably isn't another band in the world right now whose album I would absolutely have to have the day it's released.

And yet, for two days now,  Radiohead's website repeatedly refuses to take my money.

And if they were using the "name your price" system, I'd even be willing to pay more than they're asking. And yet?

Just got an email from them stating:
This is an error with your bank unfortunately, please contact them direct
 Kind regards 
But there's no error with my bank; my card will buy me all the breakfast burritos I want. And besides, it's Saturday. Anybody else having this problem?

UPDATE: Fer Gawd's sake, there are already remixes being issued. I still can't get my hands on the thing - not if I want to pay for it. OTOH, grabbing a free bootleg is still absurdly easy. What's wrong with this picture?

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