Friday, April 1, 2011

Neil Young Will Remember

Congratulations to the great Neil Young, who won a couple of Juno Awards earlier this week for his music, but also accepted the Alan Waters Humanitarian Prize for his work on behalf of disabled children.

These words from his acceptance speech are worth quoting at length:

"To try to do this humanitarian-y kind of thing, you need to look inside yourself." 
And the musicians, they should not worry about helping others, they should focus on their music first, because the music is the language of love and the language that we all feel together. 
"So music makes it happen, and then if you're lucky and you have an opportunity, it's a good thing to do, to go ahead and try to do something yourself." 
"You just gotta look inside yourself and the eyes of your friends, and you'll find the secret of how to be a humanitarian. So, love to you."

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