Sunday, July 17, 2011

October Surprise Redux

Robert Parry 's reporting continues to make mincemeat out of apologists for Bush the Elder. In a new article he runs down more evidence conveniently overlooked and/or covered up:
In November 1991, as Newsweek and The New Republic were ridiculing the idea that Ronald Reagan's campaign chief William Casey might have made a secret trip to meet Iranians in Madrid in 1980, a senior State Department official was informing George H.W. Bush's White House that Casey indeed had gone to Spain on a mysterious visit...
Casey’s family grudgingly turned over his personal records to congressional investigators, but Casey's 1980 passport was missing along with several pages from his personal calendar for that year... From the Bush library files, there's no indication that the White House told investigators about Williamson's information regarding a Casey trip to Madrid. Nor did anyone in power do anything to stop the Washington press corps' rush to judgment, which condemned Jamshid Hashemi as a liar and a perjurer.
It helps to keep these sorts of things in mind, apropos the kind of folks we're dealing with in Washington, and the extent to which they are capable of not just obfuscating, but obliterating, reality.

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