Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Random Ten #13

Here are the first ten songs to pop up on my iPod; Artist/Song/Album:

1. Clifford Brown/ Stardust/ Clifford Brown's Finest

2. Webb Pierce /Slowly/ Heartaches By the Number

3. Cornershop/ Chamchu/ Judy Sucks a Lemon for Breakfast

4. Norah Jones/ Love Me Tender/ The Best of Norah Jones

5. Jay-Z/ U Don't Know/ Blueprint

6. The Faces/ Cindy Incidentally/ Good Boys (When They're Asleep)

7. The Carter Family/ Little Moses/ Anthology of American Folk Music, vol 2B: Social Music

8. The Gories/ Hey, Hey We're the Gories/ I Know You Fine, But How You Doin'

9. Elliott Smith/ Miss Misery/ New Moon

10. Arctic Monkeys/ Cornerstone/ Humbug

Tjinder Singh of Cornershop was mixing South Asian beats with Britpop when M.I.A. was still in high school. And he's still at it, too. New one's pretty good.

Speaking of Britpop, the Arctic Monkeys have a new one, too. iTunes has a free sample this week.

The Faces have reunited, sans Rod Stewart, but they'd sound good with Englebert Humperdinck on vocals. They may be coming to a town near you.

The Gories are a garage-punk band from Detroit. They do not have a website. For that matter, neither does Webb Pierce, but there is a fan page titled, inevitably, the Webb Site.

You know, this is the third week in a row that something from Harry Smith's Anthology of American Folk Music has popped up on the Random Ten. I have 38 of those tracks on my iPod, so the chance of one of them popping up among 14,716 contenders is roughly 387 to one. Since there are ten spots, I guess that makes the odds about 39 to one. But what are the odds for a three-fer? Sometimes I think the iPod isn't really random; it's reading my mind....

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