Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Flight From Empiricism, Part 26,479

As discussed in earlier posts, the right wing in this country has a serious aversion to empiricism when it comes to climate science (not to mention the Theory of Evolution). And when it comes to the dismal science, well, opinions differ. But Moynihan's Law still prevails in economic debate.

Or it should, anyway. But I expect the following will have virtually no impact on our current deficit hysteria. Nevertheless, I'm honor-bound to pass on to you this data showing that the states who cut their budgets in the face of the recession made unemployment even worse, while the states that increased spending saw their unemployment rates go down.

If this seem counter-intuitive, you may be watching too much cable news.

Nevertheless, it was reported on HuffPo this morning, under the headline "States That Cut The Most Funding Lost The Most Jobs." The article cited research from ThinkProgress, but linked to a guest post from a Center for American Progress blogger, Adam Hersh. Mr. Hersh in turn linked up to his CAP colleagues, who provide a link-happy dissection of GOP economic policies.

Just for today, Lord Keynes has stopped spinning in his grave.

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