Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday Random Ten #23

1. Asobi Seksu/ Then He Kissed Me/ Spaceland Presents Asobi Seksu

2. Estelle/ Superstion/ War Child - Heroes, vol. 1

3. Osibisa/ Sunshine Day/ Putumayo Presents World Party

3. Phosphorescent/ It's Hard to be Humble (When You're From Alabama)/ Here's to Taking It Easy

4. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club/ Weight of the World/ Howl

5. Deerhoof/ Holy Night Fever/ Reveille

6. Art Brut/ Just Desserts/ Art Brut vs. Satan

7. The Spinners/ Could It Be I'm Falling in Love/ The Best of the Spinners

8. Simba Wanyika/ Mwongele/ Pepea

9. Grateful Dead/ Sugaree/ Dick's Picks, Vol. 33

10. The Eagles/ Take It Easy/ The Very Best of the Eagles

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