Tuesday, November 6, 2012

We Shall See

Here are my predictions; with them and five bucks, you can obtain a caffeinated beverage.

I keep wavering between 303 and 332 electoral votes for Obama. As an optimist, I'll take the latter, which means he takes Florida. 

The Blue team will pick up a seat or two in the Senate, which is a huge thumb in the eye to the GOP. And the Blues gain from 18-22 seats in the House, just tantalizingly short of making John Boehner cry. 

Arizona will be closer than you think, but I still don't know if Carmona defeats Flake. Torrent of money says no, but torrent of Latino votes means yes. Tucson reps Grijalva and Barber both win handily, but I'm watching Ann Kirkpatrick's comeback bid in AZ-01. Beep! She just sent out another email as I type. 

I predict the Republicans will claim the Dems cheated, and too many will take them seriously. And I predict I will have a festive potluck party tonight to determine which of the above words I will eat.

How are things in your state?


  1. Replies

    1. I'm sorry, is that the best you can do? If you check your facts, you'll find that most of my predictions came true.

      Dems won't get 20 House seats, thanks to Elbridge Gerry, but they may yet break double digits. Barber didn't win handily, but he is winning. So what exactly do you take issue with, anonymous sir or madam?