Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Random Ten #29

Here are the first ten songs to pop up on my iPod; Artist/ Song/ Album:

1.  Swati/ I'm On Fire/ Small Gods

2. Spade Cooley & the Western Swing Dance Gang/ Shame on You/ Shame on You

3. Kaki King/ Playing With Pink Noise/ Legs to Make Us Longer

4. Muddy Waters/ I Love the Life I Live, I lIve the Life I Love/ The Chess Box

5. Tundje Oyelana/ Ifa/ World Psychedelic Classics

6. Rodney Crowell/ Til I Gain Control Again/ The Rodney Crowell Collection

7. Jeff Buckley & Gary Lucas/ Satisfied Mind/ Sings to No One

8. Dwight Yoakam/ Understand Your Man/ Kindred Spirits: A Tribute to Johnny Cash

9. Mavis Staples/ You Are Not Alone/ You Are Not Alone

10. Glen Campbell/ Witchita Lineman/ All the Best


  1. why on earth or cyberspace don't blogs have email links? You'd think writers would encourage people to write them!

    Ok, so my "email" must be public in the form of a comment on something on not commenting on. So I looked you up after running across my copy of Take the Rich Off Welfare and wondering what you'd be writing about "occupy"..... quite surprised to see that it's nothing, nada, zilch!

  2. Thanks for caring enough to complain. Posting links to my email has gotten me on too many robo-spam lists, where people all over the world receive viagra offers or Nigerian scam letters, with my email link as the return address!

    I don't want that to happen again, but you can email me anytime by starting with the thirteenth letter of the alphabet, followed by my last name, then the "at" symbol, then "cox" followed by a dot, and "net" to finish up.

    AS for #OWS commentary, stay tuned!